Oklahoma Lake

13100 n. Westminster rd.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

(6 miles from Frontier City park)

Big fun at a small private lake


Oklahoma lake has many fun activities to offer for the 2012 season

- Camping

- Swimming

- picnics

- Sea-doing

- Jet-skiing

- Tubing

- Fishing

- Hiking

- Hunting

- Company Outings

- Oklahoma Lake is also available for lease for private parties, clubs, and other events


Oklahoma Lake water is about 55 acres in size with a 1/2 acre island near the north shore. The water is usually calm because of the natural setting of the lake.  Oklahoma Lake is fed from ground water and it is over 20 feet deep. The majority of the shoreline is sand so the water is cleaner than many of the lakes in Oklahoma

**Price schedule will be available soon**

Permit required to enter !